Thursday, January 1, 2015

Take care of your body !

Take care of your body.
Realize that your body is your product. I said before that looking good is not a model’s entire job, but it certainly is a big part of it! As a model, you have to take better care of yourself than the average person. Learn everything you can about nutrition. I’m not saying you should starve yourself into anorexia,  or that you should be perfect. I mean, what is “perfect” anyway? It’s a crazy ideal that no one can match. But you do need to have some discipline about your lifestyle. You’ll need to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep yourself looking and feeling your best. Exercise regularly to stay fit and toned so your body matches the image of the type of modeling work you want to do. Care for your hair with quality products that don’t damage it. Your hairdresser can help you with this.
Your health and well-being extend beyond those obvious points about nutrition and exercise too. It’s also important to get enough sleep and to try to reduce stress in your life. If you take care of those things, it’ll make it easier for you to follow through on the next tip…

Know your role

A lot of people get into modeling because they think that they’re good looking. Beyond that, they don’t think much about the job. It takes much more than being gorgeous to be a model. It takes a real understanding of what a model’s job is. At least in the commercial world, a model’s job is to sell a product. Whether it’s jeans, perfume, jewelery, cars, cell phones, pencils, or whatever,  a model is only there because they are promoting the product. When you’re doing commercial modeling work, you should not be thinking, “How can I look better?” Rather, you should be thinking, “How can I make this product look better?” Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and make suggestions about poses and angles.
Learn as much as you can about modeling and the industry. Read and watch interviews with models and photographers in the media. Talk to other models. Join modeling communities online. Take classes. Learn new skills that apply to your job. One of the most important skills model should learn in order to do their job better is how to convey emotion and attitude through pose and facial expression. The best models are able match the mood or feeling of the image the team is trying to create. This takes some practice, but if a model can master it, it becomes a very powerful tool.
Great models understand that they’re just one part of the team. Every person on that team–including hair dresser, makeup artist, photographer, art directors–is there for the same purpose too: to sell the product. Models who realize that they’re no more or less important than anyone else on that team end up being the most successful.

Learn about clothing

Learn about clothing.
Unless you're going to specialize in nude modeling, you’re going to have to know about clothes! Learn what looks best on you. Learn what cuts of clothing are the most flattering on your body. If there are certain types of clothing that don’t look good on you, then know about that too. Even better, find ways to wear that unflattering clothing so it fits you better. Figure out which labels and brands suit you best. Know your sizes and always be honest about them. Lying to wardrobe people about your measurements means extra embarrassment later when you’re popping buttons on your jeans! Keep an eye on fashion magazines so you can follow trends and keep your wardrobe current. The added bonus of flipping through fashion magazines is that you get to be inspired by the world’s top models at work!

Be Professional & Reliable

 Be professional and reliable.
It should go without saying, but sadly, a lot of people don't really get it. Modeling is a business, so you have to treat it that way. If you’re booked for a shoot, show up on time. Don’t call at the last minute and say your car broke down and you can’t make it. Do everything you can to be the most professional and organized person on the shoot. Follow up on phone calls and confirm your appointments. Arrive five minutes early for your meetings. A model who develops a reputation for being flaky won’t last long, but a model who is professional and committed to the job will turn everyone’s head! If you’re working freelance, your clients will recommend you to their associates, or hire you again themselves. If you’re represented by an agency, word will get back to your agent, who will be more likely to recommend you for other jobs if you've gotten good feedback.
When you’re just getting started, hire the best photographer you can find to shoot your portfolio. A good portfolio is a solid investment. If you are serious about modeling, you’ll make that money back quickly in bookings. If you’re trying to get by with snapshots and poor quality photos, you’ll have a much harder time booking work.

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Movie directors, actors and actress, authors, musicians, game developers, ghost hunters, sasquatch hunters, voodoo priests and and anyone else involved in either horror or the supernatural if you would like to be on Dead Sexy Radio let us know---> send us a message. We are now scheduling interviews !!! - Eliza Jayne & Dixie

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Makeup Tips : Applying Eyeliner

Most of us love the look of eyeliner and although we certainly have all of the tools and products available to us for creating our perfect eyeliner look, one wrong move can lead to quite a mess and who needs that? But--having an inside scoop to the do's and don't's can make the difference between a not-so-good eyeliner look and a noticeably better eyeliner look. We've compiled a short list so as not to overwhelm you and if your attempts at a cat eyeliner up to this point have been almost-great, now it can be amazing.

1. The overdone bottom lid.
Hmmm. It's a look you see alot of during fashion week, and here on the streets of Los Angeles, but, a heavy liner on your lower lid — especially with a dark color — can actually make your eyes look smaller, says Makeup Artist, Beth Bender, but if you love it and have to have it, try defining your lower eyelid with a pencil in a lighter shade. A shadow in a light brown or taupe will give you an even more subtle look. 

 2. Applying eyeliner unevenly. The result? A jagged line. Yikes. 
There is nothing more frustrating than having to wipe off your eyeliner on your upper lid with makeup remover hundreds of times before you get it just right. To keep liner straight, try and avoid tugging at the outer corners of your eyes like so many of us do, say Bender. "This can cause the skin to crinkle, and your liner will not be as smooth." Instead, try pointing your chin up and looking down, so that your lids are half-closed but you can still see them and where to apply your liner. If you’re using a gel eyeliner, apply it with a taklon brush for a smoother look. You can also use a light pencil in a grey or taupe to draw in the line and use as a guideline before applying your darker color. This is a great trick and will save you a lot of Q-tips, tissues, and remover. 

3. Don't just use black and brown on the rim.
A little beige or nude eyeliner (our favorite for waking up tired eyes) applied to your bottom waterline is a beauty magic trick we love. Just one swipe will make you look more awake and refreshed in seconds. To do, gently pull on your under-eye and trace along the line between your lower lashes and the inside rim. 

4. Know the difference between an eyeliner pencil, gel liner, and liquid.
Pencil eyeliners are perfect anytime but especially if you have just a few minutes. They’re the quickest to apply and touch ups are easier too. A good water-resistant liner will prevent smearing but will also set quickly so keep that in mind when choosing an eyeliner. Gel liners will give you a more glamorous look, are water-resistant, and also allow you more control over how thick you want your liner to be. Liquid liners are great but they call for a precisely there look, and you really need a steady hand to get it just right, or a box full of Q-tips and makeup remover standing by:-)
If you’re just beginning to try your hand at eyeliner we recommend starting with a felt tip, or  gel eyeliner first instead of a liquid, and then once you feel comfortable, move to a liquid liner. "Liquid liner is a highly pigmented, powerful product that delivers a strong, fluid line," says Bender. It creates definition at the lashline and by controlling the thickness of the line, you can create a range of looks." 

5. Don't forget smudge-proofing.
Always smart to include this step if you want your liner looking its best. Here’s how to do it: If you're using a pencil, apply your eyeliner first and then go over the line with a matching powder shadow. You can also use an eyeliner sealant mixed with your shadow for even more staying power. For the best results use a synthetic/taklon eyeliner brush to apply your shadow with your sealant.

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Dead Sexy Radio with Eliza Jayne

Dead Sexy Radio will be launching very soon. How Soon? Look for us before December is over. Dead Sexy Radio will star Eliza Jayne and Dixie as they talk movies, the supernatural and lots of fun. Look for guest interviews, round table discussions and occasionaly new and undiscovered music. Guest line ups are still being set, and look for updates everywhere! Make sure you like us on Facebook at Dead Sexy Radio and and but most of all, be ready to listen in.

Look for a guest announcement soon!

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